Monday, 3 February 2014

Book Your Own Comic Making Workshops

This week, a new venture from Torch, we've now run successful comic workshops / created comics and stories with a number of schools and we thought...let's see if we can make this part of our ongoing activity - buy in the workshops for your groups or schools and not only will you get a rather smashing comic produced, you'll be helping contribute to our future projects...

Why Comics?
Comics are a vibrant and expressive artform, now recognised as a gateway to literacy and engagement.
From addressing community issues to exploring local history, Magic Torch can work with your project to create new ways of telling and sharing your story.
While often used as an engagement opportunity for working with groups of young people, there is absolutely no age limit on groups we can work with. For schools groups, we are able to map the process to Curriculum for Excellence outcomes.

What’s the programme
We offer a flexible programme which can be tailored to suit the time and resources you have available. Our workshops include everything from working on scripts and illustration through to actually publishing a completed comic, you simply choose from our menu of options. 
- Graphic Storytelling : introductory session exploring comics
- Finding the story / researching : shaped by your project outcomes
- Character design
- Script and page layout
- Creation

The 1 or 2 hour sessions are delivered over one or two months, with the end product being an 8 page pdf copy which can be shared online and printed. Additional options resource permitting, include producing presentation display boards of your comic, or short runs of physical copies.

If you are interested in finding out about costs etc, contact

Meantime, check out the scary Slenderman comic we produced with Inverclyde Academy 1st and 2nd years.

And here's our very own local superhero team, flying your way soon...

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